§59-65-47 Statewide SC Home School Association

K-12th Grade Homeschool Enrollment

Year-Round Enrollment. We accept enrollment for homeschooling year-round for students in grades K-11. 
 We do not accept high school senior enrollment beyond January 30th of their senior year. Our families enjoy working on a schedule that works best for them; therefore, we try our best to accommodate enrollment to fit their needs.   

School Verification and Notification forms are provided to you in your Member Packet. If you are withdrawing your child from a public/private school you will need to furnish their school a copy of this form.
Official Academic Transcripts are provided for all students enrolled in our High School Program annually at the close of their school year. Our high school transcripts are cumulative so each year you have the most current academics reporting.  Students in grades K-8th will receive a Record Receipt Form at the close of their school year.  Both methods of official records will be furnished electronically to the teaching parent. (See Enrollment FAQ)

Standardized Testing is suggested but NOT mandated by this association. We feel parents should make that decision for their own children. Please see appropriate K-12th grade level information above for additional testing resources available to homeschooling families.

Upstate High School Graduation ceremony is held each May for our high school seniors. We are proud to sponsor this event and it is open for all area homeschool high school seniors to participate regardless of association affiliation.
Semi-Annual Progress Reporting  and Year-end Reporting forms are provided in your Member Packet as well as available online year-round. Semi-Annual Progress Reporting is due January 30th annually for all students.

Affordable Membership
rate of $40 per family renewable each school year. enroll now 
(We offer an Early Discount of $30/per family if enrolled on or before June 30th July 6th for the new school year.)

No hidden fees!  Your Family Membership includes School Notifications and Verification Forms for you to use year-round, Membership Packet includes extensive help for each grade level, Official High School Transcripts, Official K-8th Record Reporting, High School Diploma and much more!   



         Equal Access to Interscholastic Activities Act
 (S Bill 149)

If your student desires to participate in Interscholastic Activities at their assigned public school, please note the following requirement:
(your) 'child is taught in accordance with Section 59-65-40, 59-65-45, or 59-65-47 AND has been taught in accordance with one of these sections for a full academic year prior to participating in an interscholastic activity'

If your student desires to participate in Interscholastic Activities at their assigned public school, please note the following definition
'Extracurricular activities in our schools are defined as those activities sponsored solely by the resident school, carry no academic credit, do not fall within the scope of the regular curriculum, and have no requirement for enrollment in a class at the resident school'   (Your child will not receive credit/grade for these activities.)


All districts have their own forms for participation - please fax the form they are asking you to fill out to 864-335-9596 and we will complete our section and fax it back to the school or district directly.
  If they do not provide a form, you may use our Interscholastic Activities Form.

NOTE: the form provided above may or may not be accepted at your local SC school since each district has their own form(S), so please be understanding if they do not accept this form and ask you to fill out a new form. Fax their form to our office and will be glad to complete our portion and fax on to the school/athletic office for you.









Upstate High School Graduation 
Class of 2015  

May 23, 2015  2:00pm ceremony

Cost: $20 per graduate 
Registration Deadline: April 30, 2015

Additional Information HERE

 Participants from the 2014 Upstate High School Graduation Ceremony.

 2014-2015 School Year Calendar
 June 30, 2014   Early Discount Period ends for the 2014-2015 School Year   
($30 enrollment through June 30th annually)
August 1, 2014  ALL 2013-2014  KINDERGARTEN-10th GRADES ARE DUE
November 15, 2014  Early Awards for the Palmetto Fellows is filed (2013-2014 Jr's are notified via email)
January 15, 2015  2015 Upstate High School Graduation Registration is open (Seniors and Volunteers)
This is an open event available to any homeschool senior. Watch for updates here mid-January.
 January 30, 2015 ALL 2014-2015 SEMI-ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORTS ARE DUE (K-12th)
 April 30, 2015 Registration ends for the 2015 Upstate High School Graduation Participation
 May 23, 2015 2015 Upstate High School Graduation Ceremony 
 June 1, 2015 ALL 2014-2015 SENIOR GRADES ARE DUE
 June 8-10, 2015  Final release of High School Transcripts for the Class of 2015 will be sent to parents
(Palmetto Fellows Award Notices and other Scholarship notices will be sent to qualifying Seniors)
 June 2015 All 2014-2015 9th-11th GRADES ARE DUE 
Please check your Member Packet for the due dates for your child's grade level.
Jr. Class Ranking is assessed and parents are notified via email.
 June 30, 2015  Early Discount Period ends for the 2015-2016 School Year   
($30 enrollment through June 30th annually)
 August 30, 2015 ALL 2014-2015  KINDERGARTEN-8th  GRADES ARE DUE

(Additional events may be added during the year, so please refresh this page for the most current dates. 
Changes may occur without notice; however, all registered participants will be notified with any immediate changes. 
Attending the functions (above) for any other purpose other than their intended function is strictly forbidden.)

Congratulations to the senior Class of 2014.
 Participants from the 2014 Upstate High School Graduation Ceremony.